Sadie Robertson was having so much fun, she almost peed her pants. Again.

Sadie RobertsonSadie Robertson doing her freestyle dance, happy that it’s almost Friday (photo via Country Rebel)

In a recent Instagram video, Sadie and her friend Laney Redmon end up laughing so hard they fall on the floor laughing, very similar to the time Sadie literally peed her pants in another video.

If you don’t remember the latter video, here it is:

In the above video, you can hear Sadie squeak out, “I peed,” in between her laughter.

“Sadie peed,” Laney says, trying to catch her breath. “Sadie peed!”

So, now that you’re all caught up, let’s talk about this recent Instagram video.

Sadie and Laney film themselves dancing to the song “Friday” by Rebecca Black, and you forget for a moment that Sadie is a business woman, a national speaker, and a very vocal Christian.

You forget those things because she’s being ridiculous.

“Tomorrow is Friday,” reads the caption to Sadie’s Instagram video. “But honestly I’m loving Thursday. [Laney Redmon] and I have retired our chill.”

For whatever reason, the two young women felt the need to dance … and to dance on camera. Granted, Sadie did compete in Season 19 of Dancing With The Stars and placed second. And Laney is a backup dancer for Christian singer Britt Nicole. So you’d expect some pretty sweet dancing, right?

Well, the dancing they do in this video is far below what you’d expect. But in a fun way.

For a moment you might think it’s a choreographed dance, but then you quickly realize it’s not as they begin laughing. They end up laughing so hard they’re falling over.

So the question remains: did Sadie almost pee her pants yet again on camera? We actually have no way of knowing.

Watch the very funny video below (but don’t pee your pants):

tomorrow is Friday, but honestly I’m loving Thursday. @laneyredmon and I have retired our chill

A post shared by Sadie Robertson (@legitsadierob) on Jul 6, 2017 at 4:59pm PDT


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