It seems like the Big Bang Theory doesn’t have a lot of Halloween episodes. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have any Halloween fun with the Big Bang crew. In honor of this awesome holiday, I’ve gathered three episodes that at least mentions the holiday. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

In season one, the guys are invited to Penny’s Halloween party. They originally turn it down as they do not dance but change their minds when costumes are mentioned. At the party, the guys have problems socializing; Sheldon is unable to explain his costume as the Doppler Effect since none of Penny’s friends are physicists or smart enough to understand it. Raj cannot speak to women. Howard is mistaken for Peter Pan instead of Robin Hood. Leonard is insecure around Penny. Kurt later shows up and confronts Leonard, causing Leonard (and later Penny) to leave.

Penny goes to check on Leonard and apologizes about Kurt. Leonard tells her that she is perfect and they kiss, though Penny confesses she is drunk. They return to the party and kiss again in front of Kurt, prompting Leonard to say “That’s how we roll at the Shire!” before locking the doors in panic. Meanwhile, Howard cannot find Raj, who ends up going home and having sex with a woman he had met at the party, who found him to be a “good listener”.

In a season 5 episode, Leonard meets an attractive female comic book enthusiast named Alice at the comic book store. However he is still in a committed relationship with Priya. He goes to Penny for advice, but he does not find her advice useful. So, he goes to Sheldon, who quotes Friedrich Nietzsche’s views on morality (Morality is just a fiction used by the herd of inferior human beings to hold back the few superior men).

Leonard surprisingly takes Sheldon’s advice and goes to Alice’s apartment. But just when they are about to have sex, Leonard’s conscience gets the better of him. He tells Alice that he already has a girlfriend, prompting her to throw him out of her apartment. Later he tells Priya via Skype about how he tried to cheat on her. To his surprise, Priya accepts his actions, but then reveals that she cheated on him by sleeping with her ex-boyfriend. Leonard becomes very upset at this and closes his laptop on Priya, indicating their breakup.

Meanwhile, Sheldon becomes the victim of a successful Halloween prank by the guys and decides to take revenge by pranking them back. But due to his lack of guile, none of his pranks are successful; Leonard reverses his airbag prank on him. Raj does not get scared of the snake which Sheldon hid in his drawer in their office. Howard and Bernadette pretend that Howard had suffered a heart attack after Sheldon gives him an electric handshake, which actually scares him more. However he manages to finally scare Leonard by leaping out from under the couch cushions in zombie face paint after Leonard speaks with Priya.


This article is running a bit long, so we will continue with a part 2.

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