It seems like Amy and Sheldon will be having to make a serious decision in the next TBBT episode. We think Sheldon and Amy would make a perfect long distance couple, and here’s why.

Image result for sheldon and amyphoto by SPOILER ALERT: In the next Big Bang Theory episode Amy is going to be offered a job at a University on the East Coast. She and Sheldon will have to decide if they will take the plunge into the hard lifestyle of the long distance relationship while she’s gone.

Long distance can make or break a couple. Some people thrive on the chance to have an independent life while still staying attached, while others are out of sight out of mind and just can’t keep the connection going from afar. 

Sheldon and Amy will definitely be the former. For one, they’re excellent communicators. Long distance relationships require phenomenal communication skills. There are no subtle hints when you’re miles away. Amy is already great at this because Sheldon can’t pick up on subtle hints when he’s in the room. Amy knows she has to tell Sheldon exactly what she’s needing, and Sheldon already says everything he’s thinking. 

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Secondly, their intimacy wouldn’t change much. Many long distance couples complain about the lack of physical time together and subsequently less bedroom play. However, Amy and Sheldon are already abstaining from most physical affection, so the long distance wouldn’t be a huge change for them.

If It’s True Love It Will Work Out

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Thirdly, if a relationship is meant to work it will, and we believe Sheldon and Amy are meant to be. They’re soulmates, star-crossed lovers and a perfect pair. There’s no way a few months apart could tear these two away from each other. 

Do you think Sheldon and Amy would be able to handle a long distance relationship?

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