3Duck Dynasty’s Final Episode

Duck Dynasty’s final episode will be airing in April. Fans are distraught, and want to know what the Duck Dynasty cast will be doing after that. We’ve got some ideas for them. Here are our predictions of what the Robertson family members will move on to do. 

Sadie Will Write An Entire Series of Books

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So far Sadie has written multiple books, including Live Original, Live Original Devotion, and even a few fiction novels. It seems Sadie really enjoys writing, and has a lot of thoughts to put onto paper. We predict the Duck Dynasty heiress will continue to write well into her adult life. She may even write a tell-all book someday after the show is far behind her. It would be interesting to hear a truly honest depiction of what filming the show was like.

John Luke Will Open More Restaurants

We’ve already seen John Luke put his heart and soul into the snow cone business. He seems to enjoy following in his father’s footsteps. Willie had his own restaurant featured on the show, and John Luke loves to take after his dad. John Luke will also probably want to start a family with Mary Kate, and he’ll need a way to support them.

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Mary Kate Will Become A Therapist

Mary Kate has recently shared her own personal struggle with mental health. She suffered from depression while attending Liberty University, and is now taking a semester off. She’s clearly learned a lot about therapy and may want to share her knowledge. We predict she will return to school. She’d make a great faith-based therapist; Her blog posts are always very uplifting and motivational.


Miss Kay Will Have A New Cooking Show

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Miss Kay’s cook books have done tremendously well. If there’s one thing the Robertson family is known for, it’s Miss Kay’s food. The world will miss seeing Robertson’s on television, and this show will fill that void. Plus, Miss Kay recently opened up a bakery in West Monroe, and could feature the business on her own series. We would definitely watch to learn tips and tricks for southern cooking. 

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