We Break Down The Last Episode Of Big Bang Theory


The last episode of Big Bang Theory featured a Young Sheldon crossover and a bizarre pink eye plot. Here we break down what we loved and what we didn’t love about The Sibling Realignment.

The Last Episode of Big Bang Theory

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The last episode of Big Bang Theory aired last week and was titled The Sibling Realignment. The show featured a major crossover between Young Sheldon and TBBT and introduced adult Georgie Cooper, played by Jerry O’Connell. We also saw more of Bernadette and Howard’s life as parents and heard Amy talk about her wedding. The episode was overall a heartwarming tearjerker, with just a few puzzling problems. Here’s what we really thought about the second to last episode of Season 11.

Jerry O’Connell Was Perfection

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We have been anticipating Jerry O’Connell’s guest appearance on the show for weeks. He played Georgie Cooper, Sheldon’s older brother who we had previously only met on Young Sheldon. In Young Sheldon, Georgie is played by Montana Jordan, an adorable child actor who looks nearly identical to Jerry. The casting decision was seriously perfect, and we applaud whoever realized these two look so much alike.

On top of their ridiculous resemblance, Jerry also interpreted Georgie perfectly. We’re not sure if he watched Young Sheldon to prepare for the role but he seamlessly connected the two worlds regardless. Georgie as an adult was entirely believable and lovely.

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