2While Toby Keith Steps Up, A Very American Band Sits Down Just Days Before The Inauguration…

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Recently, country superstar Toby Keith said he would not apologize for performing at Trump’s inauguration. The singer has boldly elected to stand up for America and for the military.

He has refused to cave to the bully tactics that have caused other celebrities to decline invitations to perform.

So who just CANCELLED on Trump?

While we now know that Garth Brooks will not perform due to scheduling conflicts, many others are joining Toby Keith. They are all committed to a common goal.

A goal that is bigger than the inauguration or even President Trump. They are uniting to support America. They are filled with hope and enthusiasm for a brighter future.

Courage is not defined by bashing others and horrible hashtags. Real courage is about standing up when everyone else is sitting down. Artists like Toby Keith get it.

They stand up while others like…


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  • Angel

    I sure hope President Trump is keeping a list of all these so called stars and so called important people, so when our great nation gets turned around and back in Gods hands and on it’s own goof footing again that none of them will ever get an invitation to any thing going in Washington ever again. You can not always forget or forgive some things. The Dem. and other haters might better remember that. I myself will not listens to their music or watch their movies again, so when they start to lose money on their so-called talent they best remember why.

  • Linda Smith

    Who cares? Who in the world is the B Street Band anyway? Never heard of them! Can’t stand Bruce Springsteen either!!! Glad they will NOT be there!!!

  • Bob Barbara Selleck

    Not unlike Lincolns inauguration ..Democrat Hate boycotted him..Trump is in good company

  • J’l

    So who is the “B” Street Band? Never heard of them. So they are a “Cover” Band? Go figure

  • Yazmin Fryer

    Is really their loss I don’t know what band that was never heard of it before life goes on congratulations President Trump

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