What Raj And Howard Do Better Than Any Relationship On TBBT


Over the years, Raj Koothrappali and Howard Wolowitz have had a weird bromance. For the most part, Raj has come on a little too strong with Howard. Whether he’s fixing his buddy’s hair or checking his fat content, they’re the best of buds. But the latest episode may prove Raj is better off without his friend.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

During “The Confidence Erosion,” Raj Koothrappali doesn’t get a job because of his lack of confidence. After he spoke with his father, he decided this was because his friend Howard is always picking on him.

Without Howard, he lands the job, gets a better wardrobe, and even gets a date.

Raj Koothrappali And Howard Wolowitz For Life

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Over the years, the Raj and Howard relationship has been hilarious to watch. Some of our favorite moments include their disco night friend-date, when Raj follows Howard’s gothic eye-liner phase, or when Raj lets Howard take the plastic off of his iPhone for the first time.

The biggest role reversal over the years came when Howard Wolowtiz was taking too much estrogen. “Do my boobs look bigger?” he asked his friend. Not surprisingly, Raj was there to comfort (and test) his theory.

Finally, their friendship works because it’s brutally honest.

Creating A Brutally Honest Friendship

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Howard Wolowitz has made fun of Raj Koothrappal an awful lot, but the feelings are mutual. When Howard grew out a mustache to look more like George Clooney, Raj was there to tell him he really just looked like Mario and Luigi.

When Raj told his father the bad news, he only told him half of the story. Both of these guys pick on one another in order to build their own confidence, but it hurts both of them to be picked on.

In order for their friendship to move forward, both are going to have to cut back on the insults. Raj has already proven he’s better off without that extra negative energy, but Howard looks distraught by the dying friendship.

Do you think Raj and Howard can work out their relationship?