Uncle Si is retiring and he wants to go out in style. His family decided to throw him a party– with a couple of Robertson style surprises.

Uncle Si is retiring and wants to go out with a “slambury,” whatever that means (photo via Wildfowl) In Part One of the series finale, Uncle Si asks for a “slambury,” “a wingding,” or “a shindig.”

Essentially, he wants a big party. He wants to be sent out “prop-u-ly,” as he says.

In the last scenes of Duck Dynasty, the Robertsons honor their army veteran uncle who has provided so many laughs over the years. You see, Uncle Si is retiring to become a country artist, believe it or not.

“I sing country music,” he said. “George Jones, Merle Haggard, the old guys. Trying to bring real country music back.”

So the Robertsons wanted to send him out with a bang…

Uncle Si (source: YouTube)

In the video below, you’ll even see a surprise appearance by, what looks like, a country artist or band. They pull up in a tour bus, jump out of the bus, and approach the stage on which Si is standing in front of an American flag.

However, the camera doesn’t ever show their faces in the preview.

Apart from his music career, Si also has a spin-off show called Going Si-ral where he and his nephew Willie watch and comment on videos, memes, and other random things from the internet. Uncle Si being an older, technology deficient person, it makes for quite a laugh.

So obviously, Uncle Si will be staying busy in retirement. His band is called Si Robertson & The Si-Cotics. You can check them out on Facebook here.

Watch Duck Dynasty send off Uncle Si “prop-u-ly,” as Si puts it:

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