Mayim Bialik has us all swooning after she posted a throwback picture with, wait for it — John Stamos! If you grew up in the 90s, you know that John Stamos aka Uncle Jesse is a certified Greek hunk! Raise your hand if you’re a Full House fan. *raises hand* Do not be ashamed.

Throwback Thursday



In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, the Big Bang Theory star shared a decades-old photo from “circa 1988” of her sitting next to the Fuller House star.

“#tbt Me and @JohnStamos at a rally for the homeless in Washington DC, circa 1988, just after I did Beaches!” Bialik, 40, shared on social media.

In the adorable pic, Bialik — who would have been roughly 13 at the time — is smiling from ear to ear and totally channels 1980s adolescent style, complete with forehead bangs, green lace-up chucks, a matching green shirt and a jacket tied around her waist. And who wouldn’t be showing off their pearly whites with a megawatt smile if the Full House star had his hand on their shoulder?

Is Bialik a saint? A homeless tally at 13? I wish I was that mature and politically aware at that age. Plus, how awesome is her outfit?

Uncle Jesse and Rachel Green

Donning a Canadian suit (a.k.a. jean jacket and jean pants), the dark-haired actor gives a smirk to the camera as he kneels down next to the young actress in front of the event tent. Of course, his hair is perfectly coifed. It always is. I think it is a part of John’s contract that his hair has to be perfect all times. I wonder if his hair is insured.

This isn’t the first time the actress has won the #TBT game. In December, Bialik posted an epic #ThrowbackThursday photo of herself as a child with Jennifer Aniston. Sorry, I don’t have a picture.

“Yes, this is me and Jennifer Aniston in my childhood bedroom. We did a show together before I did ‘Blossom.’ #tbt !!!” she captioned her sepia-toned Instagram of the young actresses hugging and smiling.

Mayim, I wish I had your life.


I haven’t seen Fuller House yet. Can somebody tell me if seeing it is worth it? So, tell me, were you a Full House fan in the 90s? Did you have a crush on Uncle Jesse? Personally, I think Uncle Jesse was very attractive. However, I found Uncle Joey to be more appealing, personality-wise. I found him to be quite funny. I am a dork, after all. Anyone else remembers that rumor that he dated Alanis Morrisette? I remember being so shocked.

Oh, and John did have a stint on Glee! I also loved that show. But I didn’t like that he came in between Will and Emma. I’m really letting my freak flag fly today.

So is anyone else here envious of Mayim? I wonder what other pictures she has. Was anyone else a Blossom fan? I still want the DVDs. Talk to me about the 90s in the comments section below.

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