Si Robertson is a war veteran, a phenomenal Uncle, and a key member of the Duck Dynasty Cast.  He’s known for his hilarious quips and at times nonsensical banter.  We’ve rounded up some of his best quotes to help you decide- Are You Smarter Than Si Robertson?

He Knows His Audience

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“A Redneck walkin’ into Bass Pro Shops gets more excited than a 12-year-old girl going to a Justin Beaver Concert.” 

Perhaps Si Robertson is a PR Marketing genius!  He dropped this incredible truth bomb on a Duck Dynasty episode.  Many Duck Commander shoppers are also Bass Pro Shop visitors.  Equating them to squealing teen fangirls- it makes sense!  He knows what excites his people!




The Power of Siesta

“America, everybody is in too big a rush.  Lay back, take a sip of tea, mow a little grass.  Then if you get tired, take a nap.”

Uncle Si may just be a health and fitness expert.  His tea drinking, outdoors living ways allow him to be an incredibly active 68-year-old.  However, he also knows the importance of slowing down and smelling the roses.  Good for you Uncle Si!

Culture is Key

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“I’m the most cultured man in this family.  I’ve been to Vietnam, Germany, Boise Idaho, and Shreveport last week.”

The man’s gotten around!  Now more than ever, this Duck Dynasty member is traveling the country far and wide making public speaking engagements and publicity appearances with his famous family.  His idea of cultural places may be a little different than most (Boise Idaho?), but the general idea is right.  The more places you travel, the more cultured, you’ll become!



A Little Humor, A Little Self Love

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“People have got to understand that you’ve got to learn to laugh at yourself when you make a mistake…Don’t get mad and fly off the handle, OK. We’re all human, and we make mistakes.”

Si made this quote to the Christian Post.  The Robertson family has often been quoted saying they believe all men are sinners and that we must lean on God to get through this crazy life.  Si Robertson understands the importance of laughter in life.  Taking yourself too seriously is never a good idea.

He’s a Marriage Expert

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“What I tell young couples that are getting married is: you’re going to have quarrels, and on some things, you’re just going to have to agree to disagree. And when you go to bed at night, kiss each other and tell each other that you love each other. Don’t go to bed mad. Life is too short. Keep it simple.”

Si also told the Christian Post this small bit of marriage advice.  Keeping it simple, and loving life are big ideas for the Robertson family and Duck Dynasty cast.  They want to spread a message of love and forgiveness.


So what do you think?  Are you smarter than Si Robertson?  He certainly has a head full of funny and kind thoughts!

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