Recently, I wrote about how Bernadette will go through some major character development. I mainly focused on how she sees her pregnancy and how it affects her in the workforce. But some recent news given by the show’s head writer gives the impression that Bernadette’s anxieties go even deeper.

Bernadette begins to develop feelings of regrets about her pregnancy. Meanwhile, as the boys get on with the project for the Air Force, pressure mounts and friendships are tested. On tonight’s episode (Mon October 3rd), Bernadette will reveal her true feelings about being with child.

With her husband Howard occupied with the Air Force project, Bernadette isn’t able to draw the support she’s been expecting and she’s starting to feel alone.

Bernadette will develop regrets about getting pregnant and it will affect her emotional state. “We’ve known for years that she really never liked kids and didn’t plan on having children and the reality of all this is starting to sink in,” “The Big Bang Theory” executive producer Steve Molaro said via Entertainment Weekly.

Raj will learn of Bernadette’s feelings as the two of them will be spending much time together in this episode, as they start cleaning out one room for the baby.

Bernadette and RajBernadette and Raj

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As I mentioned before, in last week’s episode of the Big Bang Theory, Bernadette really showed her vulnerability by opening up to Amy. Bernadette really opens up about how she feels about being a woman in a man’s line of work. This occurs because of her fear of losing a special research project because of her pregnancy. You can really see the emotion come through as she yelled at Amy, “Look at me! Listen to me!” Of course, referring to her overall cute girlish look and childlike voice in a man’s world. In other words, she’s an underdog.

By going a step further in admitting that she has second thoughts about the pregnancy, we can really see that Bernadette doesn’t fit the mold of what’s expected of her in society. She would rather be a well-respected scientist, than a stay at home mom. That’s perfectly fine. Finding her voice and being able to express these opinions really makes her a strong character.

Bernadette could be considered to be a foil of Amy. Amy is also a woman of science, but she likes to be girly and gets excited about things like tiaras. While Amy just wants to be as respected as her male colleagues.

I must say that I am enjoying these new developments in Bernadette’s character and I am really looking forward to seeing how she and Howard will take on parenthood. I think that Howard will be a very loving father and Bernadette will be a great mother. She just won’t sacrifice her career to do so. What do you think the gender will be?

Will you be watching tonight’s episode? What are you looking forward to seeing the most in season 10? Let us know your thoughts on this and Bernadette’s predicament in the comments below.

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