Sadie Robertson is once again starring in a new music video. This time she’ll be gracing the small screen with Brett Eldridge, a HUGE country music star.

Sadie Robertson and Brett Eldridge

Shooting the video for “The Long Way” with @legitsadierob…this video is gonna be MAGIC

A post shared by Brett Eldredge (@bretteldredge) on Sep 20, 2017 at 5:51pm PDT

Sadie Robertson will once again be starring in a country music video. She and Brett Eldridge both posted together on their Instagrams this week. The singer and reality TV star both revealed they’re working on a project together.

Sadie will be featured in Brett’s video for The Long Way. The lyrics for this love song talk about a small hometown tour. Sadie is the perfect choice for this project. She exudes the spirit of a small town girl, being from West Monroe herself. 

hey @bretteldredge looks like a good day to shoot a music video. What do y’all say? #thelongway

A post shared by Sadie Robertson (@legitsadierob) on Sep 20, 2017 at 1:59pm PDT

What we would like to know is whether or not Sadie will play Brett’s love interest in the video. There’s quite an age difference between the two. Sadie is 20-years-old, and Brett is 31. Perhaps a different actor will also be in the video? We’ll have to wait and see.

Sadie is perfect for these country music video rolls. She has a girl-next-door type of beauty. Her bubbly personality and bright smile work well with the typical landscape of a country music video. We bet Willie and Korie are so proud of their working girl.

Another Video


This isn’t the first time Sadie’s starred in a country music video. The Duck Dynasty daughter starred in Lawson Bate’s Past the Past. The video begins with Sadie crying and seeming to argue with Lawson, who plays her boyfriend. Then a flash begins of the pair in high school. Lawson is a football player, and Sadie is a pretty girl from the high school. The video seemed to mimic Sadie’s real-life relationship with Blake Coward. Sadie recently wrote that their relationship was quite tumultuous. Perhaps her real-life experiences fueled her acting choices. 

We can’t wait to see what Sadie Robertson and Brett Eldridge have in the story when The Long Way video premieres.


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