You Cannot Miss What Jim Did To Ian Armitage’s Gift On James Corden


Jim Parsons was recently on James Corden’s Show, where the actor spoke about his new series, Young Sheldon. The actor revealed the differences in the Iain Armitage show, which is a single-cam, versus TBBT, which is multi-cam, live audience.

When asked about Iain Armitage, the star of Young Sheldon, Jim Parsons said he connected with the boy. “He’s got such a cheery disposition about every aspect of the business,” confirmed Big Sheldon.

“He’s a kid. He’ll get over it,” joked the actor. “Not jaded at all. Not cynical at all. He’s a big gift-giver…”

Iain Armitage, The Gift Giver

Iain Armitage, Jim Parsons | Photo Credit NBC

Jim Parsons went on to describe the gifts from the young boy. “I’ve had beautiful rocks, a tee shirt, [and] an ant farm,’ said Parsons. At this point, Mila Kunis and James Corden laughed at the child-like gifts.

“I kinda thought they almost didn’t exist,” said Parsons about the ant farm. “Those are the kinds of things you see on TV or whatever. But they don’t come in sand. This one comes in blue gel…”

“I think it’s like a nutritional gel—like a full-service type of thing,” said the actor. “I didn’t feed them, which may be why there’s one left…” said Parsons. “You can’t believe how quick these things die.”

Jim Parsons, Accidental Gift Destroyer

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit James Corden

Without meaning to, Jim Parsons essentially destroyed a gift from the young star, Iain Armitage. Then, when asked if he ever returns the favor and buys gifts for the young boy, he essentially said “No.”

“Other than a job? No, not yet,” said Jim Parsons, who produces the series. Hopefully, Jim Parsons will start giving gifts on set to equal the number of gifts he receives in return. However, the gift of starring on a series is a pretty good gift after all.

Young Sheldon comes on Thursday nights after The Big Bang Theory. Jim Parsons narrates the series and still plays “Big Sheldon” on the original CBS sitcom. This season, Sheldon and Amy are preparing to get married.

So far, we’ve noticed a few major connections between the two shows, including Sheldon’s dad, his fear of dogs, his mom, and Professor Proton.

What do you think of the new series, Young Sheldon?