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Kunal Nayyar Is The King Of The Selfie

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-06-12

You think Kim Kardashian reigns supreme in selfie taking? You’d be wrong. Kunal Nayyar is truly the king of the front facing camera, and here’s why…

Kunal Nayyar Loves A Good Selfie

As per usual… black on black. See you soon @sagawards

A post shared by Kunal Nayyar (@kunalkarmanayyar) on

While Kunal Nayyar might play a shy and awkward nerd on The Big Bang Theory, in real life he’s a confident, goofy, and downright sexy actor killing the selfie game. Kunal blesses the internet with his bedroom eyes and messy hair regularly, and we can’t say we’re complaining. Above you’ll see he’s got the formal attire look down. Black on black makes him look sleek and stylish, and his Zoolander smolder is really winning us over.

How do you pack for 2 months in 2 suitcases??? I have so many undies! #london

A post shared by Kunal Nayyar (@kunalkarmanayyar) on

He also does a casual selfie perfectly, mastering the open cardigan, smushed face look. “How do you pack for 2 months in 2 suitcases???” he asks. Well Kunal, first you take a selfie.


A post shared by Kunal Nayyar (@kunalkarmanayyar) on

He also knows a good selfie can only be improved with a little canine companionship. Here he is with his dog Boba giving him a huge wet kiss. *swoon*

@missmayim #datenight #lakers

A post shared by Kunal Nayyar (@kunalkarmanayyar) on

He even takes incredible selfies with his besties. Here he and Mayim Bialik are at a sporting event, perfecting their selfie smolder and smile simultaneously. Kunal also made sure to get his stylish watch in the picture- a bold professional selfie taker move.

On The Go

Early morning flights. But first coffee. #nyc

A post shared by Kunal Nayyar (@kunalkarmanayyar) on

Kunal loves to add a bit of mystery by hiding his face, and showing us his travel outfits. A big scarf and some ray-bans are the perfect look when traveling incognito. 

Behind the scenes: making of a selfie. #imsobored #talktome

A post shared by Kunal Nayyar (@kunalkarmanayyar) on

However, here is perhaps the best selfie of all time- a selfie inception if you will. Kunal posted this photo last August saying, “Behind the scenes: making of a selfie.” He also admitted he was so bored, so perhaps all of his selfies are the product of boredom. 

Kunal Nayyar really has the selfie game on lock. This guy just can’t take a bad picture. Which is your favorite of these Kunal Nayyar selfies?


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