Johnny Galecki Starred In This Punk Rock Movie That Every Music Lover Must Watch


“I manage the band Television,” said Johnny Galecki character in CBGB. In front of Alan Rickman’s character Hilly Kristal, The Big Bang Theory star has embodied a 1970s-looking talent agent in the back of a seedy club.

Directed by Randall Miller, the comedy-drama revolves around a New York City punk-rock club called the CBGB. The film also stars Malin Akerman and Justin Bartha, but the cameos really make the movie.

Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters plays Iggy Pop and newcomer Kyle Gallner plays the infamous Lou Reed.

Johnny Galecki Stars In CBGB Film

“These kids have something to say, we really should listen,” said Hilly Kristal. The film showcases the beginnings of bands like the Talking Heads, Blondie, the Ramones, Patti Smith, and Lou Reed. The title of the film, according to Rickman’s character, stands for Country Bluegrass Blues.

Literally thousands of amazing punk bands got their start in this location. The movie reminds us of films like Pirate Radio, The Blue Brothers, Almost Famous and HBO’s most recent series, Vinyl.

While the movie might not be a classic, it’s ideal for anyone who has ever loved the punk rock scene.

Getting The Vibe Right In 1970s NYC

Johnny Galecki | Photo Credit CBGB

Some critics believe the film didn’t create enough incite for the 1970s New York City punk scene to make waves for true fans. Film critic Christy Lemire even said that it didn’t have the brashness of the era it depicts.

Spoilers ahead for CBGB.

However, the clothes, the postures, the looks, and the sounds are all there. At the end of the film, there’s even an introduction at the future of the sound. The Police arrive at the club and we hear those first famous sounds from Roxanne.

The writer-directors made a bold choice to use the actual recordings so the actors are mainly lip-syncing the songs. This enraged some critics, but it’s the most true it could actually be for those in the room.

There’s also an amusing reunion between Harry Potter alums Ron Weasley and Professor Snape when Rupert Grint auditions for Alan Rickman.

Have you seen this Johnny Galecki punk rock film, CBGB?