Uncle Phil to Star In Right Wing Movie Containing Horrific ISIS Murders


Right Wing Movie Containing Horrific ISIS MurdersThere has recently been a recent explosion of right wing growth in the movie industry.

Recently, Phil Robertson has been a sought after star in many of these movies due to his conservative, Christian ethics and values. The latest film to be created is Torchbearer, a Christian War Film directed by Steve Bannon.

Phil Robertson stars as a folk hero for the conservative right wing of politics in the movie. Unfortunately, Duck Dynasty was recently canceled after a ten year run on A&E. Many speculate the show was canceled due to Phil’s political viewpoints on the current state of the United States of America. The hour-long film, Torchbearer was created by a larger group of right wing conservatives.

The movie was produced by Citizen United, an organization who previously released a film about Hillary Clinton and her careless use of political money.

That film was used in the Supreme Court to change the regulations revolving around the use of political money.

The concept of Torchbearer started in the mind of Zach Dasher. Dasher is Robertson’s nephew, also a politician who ran for congress in 2014. The plan for the film Torchbearer started in 2015 at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where Robertson Was honored with the Andrew Breibert Award. A portion of Robertson’s speech from the conference appears in the film in reference to the problem with STD’s in the United States of America.

Dasher claimed that Citizen United was Hillary’s worth nightmare, celebrating that liberalism would also suffer from the release of the film.

Torchbearer is one of six movies now created from Bannon and Citizens United.

The film is not your standard, cheesy, Christian film, it’s a film depicts the message of salvation through the teachings of Jesus Christ as well as the role of religion in human history and society. Robertson stated, “When you take out God as the anchor of your civilization you open the door to tyranny and instead of human rights you have the will to power of the ruler who makes himself the sole determiner of what is true and just. Might makes right.”

Right Wing Movie Containing Horrific ISIS MurdersRobertson specifically speaks about the God of Christ and his teachings on moral living in order to avoid the pits of brutality and depravity.

Robertson also dictates the problem with evolution and its mock of religious beliefs that is being taught in schools is, “a watershed event that would slowly unravel the bond that wove the Creator into the very fabric of American life. God would be cast out of the public square, out of education, out of national discourse, out of the popular culture altogether.”

The film is designed to bring awareness to the people about the current state of the American way of life from the viewpoint of Phil and Christians in the country. Many scenes of the movie contain re-enactments or actual images of ISIS murders and beatings. It’s a very intense film that is gaining mixed reviews from conservative and liberals across the country. Have you watched the film? If so, please leave your thoughts about it in the comments below on what you thought of it and on your opinion of this matter.