Josh McDermitt Angry Over Fan Outbursts To Eugene

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC Not long ago, actor Josh McDermitt decided to quit all social media. Before, the comedian-actor was highly engaged with his audience, but he finally had enough when he received death threats due to the character of Eugene.

Death threats were simply too much. The actor said he would report anyone else to the police and he felt like “fans” couldn’t tell the difference between the actor Josh McDermitt and the character of Eugene on The Walking Dead.

At this point, we’re hoping Eugene turns back to the light.

Does Either Side Really Trust Eugene?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Eugene’s allegiance to Negan took a left turn from the comics. In the original story, Eugene’s time at the Sanctuary was more like Daryl or Sasha’ entrapment, meaning he didn’t simply give in to Negan’s wishes.

When Season 8 returns, Eugene will truly be in uncharted territories. Not only does he seem to be a “Negan” now, but he watched Rosita try to kill him without a second thought back in Alexandria.

Unfortunately, Negan also has an issue with Eugene over Sasha’s death.

The Only Way To Redemption…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

It wasn’t absolutely clear that Eugene helped Sasha kill herself in the coffin, on the way to Alexandria, but Negan smelt a rat in his group. At the end of the Season 7 finale, Negan even confronted Eugene.

Eugene is likely going to work with whoever can protect him, which is what he’s done since the beginning of the outbreak. For Dr. Eugene Porter, survival is the only answer, regardless of what has to be done.

The only way for Eugene to get back in Rick or Negan’s good graces would be to give up some information about the other side. Hopefully, Eugene will decide to work with Rick Grimes, but for now, only time will tell.

Do you think Eugene has turned completely to the dark side?

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