Who Is Truly To Blame For Blowing The Bitcoin Fortune On The Big Bang Theory?


In “The Bitcoin Entanglement,” the gang from The Big Bang Theory attempts to tackle the complex subject of mining bitcoins. In addition this difficult task, we also learn that losing a fortune can be as simple as clearing a flash drive.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

The episode begins with Stuart telling the gang about his money problems. Not only is the comic book store not thriving, but it sounds like it may go out of business. A moment later, Sheldon Cooper reminds the gang about their bitcoin experiment.

From there, things start to get complicated as they follow the breadcrumbs to the money.

The Big Bang Theory Tackles Bitcoins

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

By the end of the episode, the crew has gone from laptop to laptop, trying to retrace their steps from seven years ago. First, they check Howard’s computer, then they realize they actually used Leonard’s computer, which he gave to Penny.

When they finally got the computer back from Penny’s ex-boyfriend, Sheldon Cooper revealed his real plan. Like many of his other attempts at vengeance, Sheldon decided to play a trick on Leonard for not inviting him in the first place.

Sheldon put the information on Leonard’s flash drive, but Leonard lost the flash drive years earlier.

Erasing Thousands Of Dollars For Ten Bucks

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Like their chase, the mystery of the flash drive was the final blow. In another clip, we see Stuart sweeping up the comic book shop. Ironically, he tells the audience his plan to clear the drive and sell it for ten bucks.

Obviously, he didn’t know that there were tens of thousands of dollars on the flash drive. Based on this episode, we’re not wondering whether or not Stuart will soon decide to close up the comic book shop.

While it would appear that Sheldon Cooper tossed away the money, it was actually Stuart who made the final mistake. Sure, Sheldon should not have gone this far with his vengeance, but Stuart was the one who didn’t know what he had.

Raj Koothrappali even talks about wanting to return a comic book simply because he had read it. If all of Stuart’s customers are like Raj, it’s quite possible he will go out of business even sooner.

If the comic book closes up, where will the boys hang out?