REVEALED: The Robertsons’ TRUE Feelings About Duck Dynasty Ending


The Robertsons were pretty excited to get a long awaited break after filming the last episode of their reality TV series. Though they seemed sad and remorseful in public, it appears behind closed doors they were actually rather happy to see Duck Dynasty ending.

Sadie Robertson Is Busy

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Sadie Robertson recently told reporters that the entire family is happy to be back to normal. She’s now moved to Nashville. Since we heard of Duck Dynasty ending, Sadie has written a book, headlined a tour, starred in countless music videos, and appeared in multiple publicity ads. She’s clearly not missing her reality TV responsibilities, and neither is her family. She told reporters, “”We are totally on break. My little siblings are growing up, and my parents just wanted to be parents, and raise them up in a normal way, and try to get that normal capacity back. For me, I moved to Nashville. We’re all around right now, doing our thing.” When asked if a reunion would ever be a possibility, she answered, “Maybe one day, but it would have to be a while.”

Willie Robertson seemed indifferent about the show ending. Surely he was thankful for the exposure the show brought, particularly to the Duck Commander. However, we can’t imagine that balancing being CEO of a major company, and filming a reality series was fun. He told reporters last Spring, “It has been over five years that we have been filming this show, which in television is a lifetime. There is always something going on. And so, we will just wait and see what happens. I am not a big goal guy. I don’t try and set my five year plan.”

Phil Robertson Was Happy

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The one family member that was ecstatic to see Duck Dynasty end? Phil Robertson. The patriarch of the family, Phil felt that the show stifled his opinions, and forced him to be politically correct. Now he stars in In The Woods With Phil on a conservative streaming service, and is much happier saying whatever he pleases. He explained, ” I am going to go where they can’t silence me. I have never been one to shut up.”

We were certainly sad to hear of Duck Dynasty ending, but we’re happy we were able to meet the Robertsons when we did.