Do the Robertson sisters get along? Apparently yes. However, they certainly aren’t without their major differences.

The Robertson Sisters 

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The Robertson sisters are a close group. Specifically, Bella Sadie and Becca Robertson are all thick as thieves. They grew up under the supervision of Korie and Willie, and share a whole multitude of crazy relatives. It would be hard to not bond over a comical Uncle like Si. 

However, that doesn’t mean that these girls don’t have their differences. Recently Bella Robertson penned an epic blog post for Live Original. She explained the many personality differences between her and Sadie.

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Bella says she and Sadie could not be different. Bella prefers to be behind the scenes, while Sadie loves the spotlight. Bella has a dry sarcastic sense of humor. Yet, she says Sadie doesn’t understand that sort of comedy at all. She explained, ” I can out sass anyone in my family. I have mastered the dry sense of humor and sarcasm if a craft – don’t even try using sarcasm on Sadie because it goes right over her head.”

Bella is also more introverted and enjoys listening to music alone in her room. She also admitted to feeling pressure to be like her successful sister. She wrote, “When I thought I had to be like Sadie, a pressure came on me that began to silence my roar. But as I searched for my voice in whom Jesus made me to be, I realized who Bella was. Guess what, she’s a lot different then Sadie and really everyone in my family.”

Close Sisters

I’m absolutely obsessed with my sisters. They are beautiful. They are hilarious. They are strong. They are greatly original. They are my best friends. My little bean has her first blog post up on my @liveoriginal website today! Go check out the link in bio! Also, today it’s Becca’s Birthday ? it’s a special day to just get to celebrate these 2 beauties i get to call sisters ❤️

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Despite their differences, these girls have learned to love each other and learn from each other. Bella says, “It actually makes Sadie and I a more powerful pair of sisters because of our differences. She has taught me how to live original, and I have taught her how to live fearless.”

Earlier this week Sadie praised her little sister. She said, “I’m absolutely obsessed with my sisters. They are beautiful. They are hilarious. They are strong. They are greatly original. They are my best friends.”

We’re glad the Robertson sisters have found beauty in their differences. Everyone can relate to having a sibling or relative who is totally different from them.

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