This is a continuation of a previous post. If you haven’t read “Top 10 Howardette Moments Part 1,” go check it out! Without further ado, here are the top 5 moments…

5. The Smurf Couple

Howardette SmurfsHowardette Smurfs Credit:

At Stuart’s Halloween party, Howardette dresses up as Papa Smurf and a Smurfette. Howard isn’t that excited to go since all his friends think he is boring. Bernadette asks if he is feeling blue, laughing like its the funniest thing she ever said. She then pushes him out the door since she just spent three hours painting herself blue and doesn’t want people to think she is a very short alien from Avatar.

I don’t think I need to explain why this moment is so great. Comedy gold!

4. “Bernadette”

Howard actually proposed to Bernadette twice. When Bernadette asks Howard for a commitment in their relationship in “The Vengeance Formulation,” Howard proposes to Bernadette, but she rejects. Their relationship resumed; however, when Howard asked for a second chance, singing his own rendition of “Bernadette” by The Four Tops.

Of course it was obviously way too early for Howard to be thinking about marriage at the time. He made a mistake by jumping the gun. However, he was able to redeem himself in an awesome way. What lady doesn’t want to be serenaded?

3. The Wedding

In ‘The Countdown Reflection,” the officials at City Hall say that they can only wed three more couples that day (and there are many people ahead of them in line). They do not believe Howard’s reason for not being able to wait until Monday – he’s leaving for Russia on Sunday to go aboard the International Space Station. They decide that their friends will get ordained and marry them.

Bernadette yells quite a bit during the ceremony (reasons ranging from Howard’s mother interrupting to Sheldon attempting to say his part in Klingon). Once the ceremony is complete the two are happily married. The ceremony is planned so that the satellite taking pictures for Google Earth will take their picture on the rooftop of Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny’s apartment building as they have their first kiss as a married couple.

This moment has a lot wrapped into it. There’s comedy from Bernadette, Sheldon, and Howard’s mother. The wedding itself is very touching.  And come on, Howardette’s first kiss as a married couple is seen on Google Earth!

2. The Speech

The guys throw Howard a bachelor party that does not include strippers at the request of Bernadette. During the toasts Raj tells everyone stories about Howard losing his virginity to his second cousin, having group sex with a Sailor Moon girl at Comic Con, and Leonard and Raj paying for a Jewish role-playing prostitute in Las Vegas (to cheer him up after he was dumped by Leslie Winkle).

Wil Wheaton records it all and uploads it onto YouTube. Bernadette picks Howard and Raj up since they are drunk and is mad at both of them after seeing the video. She is wondering how she can marry a man that she doesn’t seem to know.

Howard shows up at Bernadette’s apartment and gives Penny a message. That he was sorry, that he also doesn’t like the man he used to be and that the man Bernadette knows is who he is because of her. Awww!

Penny gushes because that’s the most beautiful thing she had ever heard.  And it came from Howard of all people!

Bernadette hears him and tells him that the wedding is not off, but she is still mad at him. They all end in a group hug.

Howard messes up BIG time in this episode. That’s probably why this speech made it so high on the list. He knows he messed up, but he really does love Bernadette. Why? Because she made him a better man!

1. “Take That”

In the beginning of the episode the “Countdown Reflection,” Howard presents Bernadette with a necklace of a star shaped pendant. As he is putting it on her he says that she will have to return it to him immediately. So that he can take it with him to the International Space Station.  And, upon his return, she can have a star that came from space.  “Take that, every guy who’s ever bought you anything!” – Howard.

Okay, that is really cute. It’s also a pretty romantic gesture. It’s too cute. That’s why it wins.

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