Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has a word of advice for the Christians that have come out against Donald Trump after the latest scandal, “…lighten up…and give him some time.”

Just in case you’ve been on a ten day cruise, or have taken a political fast for the last few weeks, here’s a quick recap: Donald Trump was secretly recorded. The conversation was crass to say the least. The recording, without editing, had been played ad nauseam. And it displays Trump in an extreamly bad light. Imagine a microphone in a men’s locker room.

Trump was quick to apologize, both to his family and to the nation in a video. You can view it here.

In an interview with radio host Rita Cosby, Phil Robertson defended his party’s nominee without reservation. The reality tv star shared with the audience that he had the opportunity to witness Donald Trump. 

Well, actually, to be more clear, he had the opptunity to meet Mr. Trump, and Phil Robertson used his oppertunity to share the gospel of Christ with him.

If that seems a bit odd, here’s the back story. Phil, by his own accounts was once a drunk and womanizer. He found Jesus. There is no hesitation in him to share Christ with others. Phil and all of his sons are also ordained ministers.

Knowing he wouldn’t have much time to meet with Trump, Robertson decided to get to what he considered to be the most important matter they could discuss. Donald Trump’s salvation. 

So he took out a piece of paper and started drawing simple symbols to illustrate the gospel.  He said he used “an arrow coming down out of heaven, year one, God becoming flesh, Jesus, dying on a cross.”

“I told Donald, Donald you don’t want to miss this. I said, Jesus died for you. You do have sins. He said, yeah. He didn’t hesitate. I thought well the man admits he’s a sinner. That’s a start. I just went through the gospel with him quickly.”

Robertson believes that Donald Trump was sincere in his interest in what he shared. He listened carefully, and asked if he could keep the piece of paper where Robertson had drawn the message of his salvation. He tucked it into his coat pocket.

The preacher also had a few words for the rest of us when it comes to Donald Trump.

“I would just remind America, we need to give Donald Trump time, or anyone else, when it comes to ‘Well you know, he did this and did that’… like we’re not all sinners? I mean, give me a break.”

However, Robertson wasn’t as generous with Trump’s opponent. Although he didn’t single out Hillary Clinton, he pointed to the fact that in a past convention the democratic party had booed God out of their convention. 

Like the man said, at least he knows he’s a sinner. Now he knows what to do about it.


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