The wisdom of the Duck Dynasty’s favorite uncle is in a bookstore near you. Si Robertson has just released his second book Si-renity.

Si Robertson


“God has taken the Robertson family on a pretty wild ride.”

Si’s first book, Si-cology: 1 was a New York Times Best-Seller. It has over one million copies in print. Uncle Si Robertson, known as the favorite uncle on the crazy popular Duck Dynasty just released his second book. Which is a follow-up to the first.

In Si-renity, Uncle Si gets real about his faith. He talks candidly about how his faith brings him peace after so many years of turmoil. In his first book, he writes that he battled with alcoholism. His drinking hit an all time high during the Vietnam war. When he returned home, he knew he had to stop. So he did. He gave it up entirely.

Si-renity begins where Si-cology left off. Uncle Si gets down on a deeper level of intimacy about his personal life on the road, and how he sees life after Duck Dynasty.

Through it all, he has remained the same, kind and generous crazy uncle the nation has come to love. You could say, he’s everyone’s favorite crazy uncle.

In a recent interview with Fox News Radio, Si was asked how it felt writing a book, putting his thoughts down on paper. His answer was straight forward.

“It was a lot of hard work.”

If you’ve followed Si through the Duck Dynasty series, you know he is famous for carrying around his blue cup and his gallon pitcher of tea. Si confesses in his new book, just exactly how much tea he drinks every day. Are you ready? Two gallons. Yes. You read that right two gallons a day of unsweetened ice tea.

In another interview, he explained that his wife was after him for drinking too much tea. However, when he went to the doctor, he asked the doctor about it. The doctor asked Si if he goes to the restroom frequently. When he answered yes, the doctor explained that tea has health qualities, and well, that was the end of all the complaining.

Si shares a time when the whole family was on The Dr. Oz Show
and Dr. Oz asked, who thinks they’ve got the healthiest liver. Jessica thought she did because she was the youngest. However, when Dr. Oz pointed to Si as the one with the healthiest liver. She said,”That old fart?”

Dr. Oz, according to Si, said that he had the healthiest live because he drinks two gallons of tea a day.

Now there’s a good example of some Si-wisdom you wouldn’t have thought of.

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