The Robertson challenge is on.

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When Uncle Si explained that when he was in the army, they would drop him off with just a knife in the middle of the jungle, then they had to find their way back to base camp–and survive while doing it. Willie reminded him the name of that little exercise is called “war.”

However, it did give the boys an idea.

“Drop us off in the middle of the woods. We race back to Phil’s. Whoever gets there first wins.” Jase explained, “me and Willie against you two clowns.” He was referring to his two brothers; the oldest Alan and the baby of the family, Jep.

Al didn’t think it was a good idea and said he couldn’t do that. Then, just like a true little brother Willie said, “Al’s done turned into one of them bloated house cats.”

According to Al, it’s not the first time his brothers have given him a hard time. They have a list of things he is too old, or soft to be able to do.

“You just turned me into a Tom cat,” Al told Willie.

Most likely that conversation went exactly as Willie planned. After all, what little brother isn’t skilled into goading his older brother into doing what he wants?

Phil dropped the two teams off into the woods. Apparently, he didn’t have a lot of hope his boys were actually going to make it back to his house.

Jase thought he knew a short cut.

“Being the oldest brother is a position that comes with a lot of power. You control the flow of information on all the other siblings. When my brothers were younger, they believed anything I said. No matter how ridiculous it was.”

“Jep really never grew out of that.”

After a quick sprint in the woods, in an attempt to run to Phil’s, both Jep and Al were doubled over and out of breath. Both were thirsty. The topic of drinking urine came up, for survival purposes only of course. That’s when Al shot it down with the fake-factoid that Amelia Airheart died from drinking her urine; thus proving his earlier statement.

When Jep and Al come to a road, it doesn’t take them long to realize they have no idea, where they are, or which way to go.

Meanwhile, Jase admits that he hasn’t had so much fun making Willie uncomfortable since he slipped a water bug into his ear.

Jase, leading the way, insists that the best way is through the river. Willie, on the other hand, is sure there is everything in that river from snapping turtles to alligators.

A wet and tired Willie made his way up to his dad’s house behind Jase–both declaring victory. Right up to the point that Al and Jep walked out of the house with tea in hand. They’d hitchhiked along the road and caught a ride.

“Every family has their own set of rules,” Willie said. “In the Robertson family, it’s pretty simple. Love God, love your family and hunt ducks. Everything else is open to interpretation.”

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