Sadie Robertson’s One Piece Of Advice For Christians


Sadie Robertson is rocking the stage on the Winter Jam Tour this year. And her main message is loud and clear.

“I don’t understand why we always say we’re a Christian but we can still have fun with the world,” Sadie said, sounding like her mentor, mega pastor Louie Giglio.

She says Christians usually toe the line between what’s right and what’s worldly.

“And we try to prove ourselves to others that we can still be a Christian and do the things of the world,” she said. “But in fact, what we should be doing is saying ‘I am a Christian, why don’t you come over here and join me?'”

According to her, Christians have the “great life.” They’re the ones who experience “perfect love, joy, peace and goodness.”

“We know this great lifestyle but for some reason we say to the people of the world, ‘Oh yeah, I have this but let me join you,” she said.

And Sadie doesn’t say this from her high horse. Although she takes the stage on a cross-country tour, she knows she’s still human.

“It’s been a challenge for me because I’ve definitely talked like that, trying to get the language of the world and then I’ll talk about God,” she said. “When I really should say, ‘This is why you should join me, this is amazing. This is why you should know my God that I serve.”

With this in mind, she encourages other Believers to keep the faith despite contentious times. Her reminder is to look up.

“There is so much bad things going on in the world but we have to remember that our hope is not here, our hope is Heaven bound,” she said. “Sometimes it’s really easy to not want to go out and help of course, because you’re scared and you’re nervous, but really and truly as a Christian and the way that we should be thinking is Heaven is so much greater.”

How is Heaven going to be greater? How does Heaven give us hope?

“It’s going to be unreal, so keeping that in the back of our mind, we cannot count on this earth, we know where we’re going to go,” Sadie said.

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