TBBT Season 11 Is Confusing

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The news and rumors circulating around The Big Bang Theory season 11 are all very confusing. One day Chuck Lorre is confirming negotiations, the next we’re hearing Jim Parsons is signed on for a different sit-com. Here’s how we’ve tried to make sense of all of the TBBT Season 11 rumors…

So We’re Pretty Sure There Is A Season 11…

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Despite multiple reports that TBBT Season 11 will premiere in December 2017, or September 2017, nothing has been officially announced by CBS. However, CBS President Glenn Geller has confirmed that the actors were in negotiations with the network. Also, Chuck Lorre confirmed that Season 10 will not be the last. A large part of the problem with Season 11 is the ridiculously high salaries that the actors make. Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, and Johnny Galecki each make $1 million dollars an episode. Negotiations seem to put things in a positive perspective for fans. However, it seems Jim Parsons may be moving on to…

A New Sitcom

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Part of the rumors circulating about TBBT’s cancellation revolve around Jim Parsons. Fans agree, the show probably can’t go on without Jim Parsons. That’s why it’s worrisome that the actor appears to be moving on to other network television endeavors. Parsons has been reportedly working on a new Freeform series called The Monarchy Is Going To Shit. Instead of acting, Parsons will be co-producing the show. It’s a comedy, reportedly centered around the King’s illegitimate son. Jim’s partner Todd Spiewak will be involved in the project. That’s not all the two have been working on together…

Lance 2.0

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It’s also rumored that the famous couple are working on another sitcom; Lance 2.0. This show is about a couple that faces challenges put in place by some sort of accident. There is no confirmed network or air date for this project. But, it certainly doesn’t bode well for TBBT fans that Jim Parsons is staying so busy. What would The Big Bang Theory Season 11 be like without Sheldon?

Steve Molaro Speaks Out

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Longtime TBBT producer Steve Molaro gave his two cents about a possible incomplete cast for TBBT Season 11. When asked what the show would be like without a complete set of characters he said,  “I have no idea. I think it would certainly be different and weird. There’s no point in me wondering what it could be when I have 19 scripts staring down at me that need to get written.” We agree, it would be very weird indeed. It would especially weird when you consider how close the gang has gotten over the years, and how coupled off everyone is.

We just want everything to be official already. Are you anxious about The Big Bang Theory Season 11?

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