Sadie Robertson is a 19-year-old cast member of the reality TV series Duck Dynasty.  She recently spoke out about a bad day she had and some social media backlash she received because of it.

A Large Following, and High Expectations

photo by Sadie Robertson via instagram.comphoto by Sadie Robertson via

Sadie Robertson has 2.8 million followers on Instagram.  Over 500,000 people have liked her official Facebook page, and she has acquired 1.8 million followers on Twitter.  All this to say, she has quite a few people judging her every move.  Generally, Sadie’s posts are upbeat, positive, and encouraging.  She usually posts pictures of herself, her friends, or her family smiling.  Then Sadie took to Instagram to comment on the social media facade she and many others take part in and pulled the curtain back.


It’s Not Real Life

photo by Sadie Robertson via instagram.comphoto by Sadie Robertson via

Sadie wrote on her Instagram that life isn’t like social media and it can’t be filtered or altered.  “You don’t get to choose the best part of you to show people,” the teen wrote.  “You don’t get to choose a filter. What’s crazy is that we as humans compare our lives to the ones we see on social media… after the filter, the editing, the lighting.”  The Dancing With The Stars alum urged her followers to realize that it’s okay not to be perfect.  She doesn’t want them comparing their lives to what they see of celebrities on social media.  “It’s important to keep in mind that we are not perfect although we may make it look like that sometimes,” she wrote.

She Got Some Hate

photo by sadie robertson via instagram.comphoto by Sadie Robertson via

With bravery, Sadie shared that she had received hate on a previous Instagram post.  When having a bad day, Sadie admits to reacting poorly when asked to take a picture with a fan.  The fan’s mother went on to comment about the situation on Sadie’s picture and noted that she looked happy in the post on the same day.  

“I got some hate recently on a picture of mine. I posted a picture of me smiling on a day that I had been having a very tough day. A lady commented on my page saying that they had seen me that day and I apparently was very rude when her daughter asked for a photo.”

Sadie was vague when explaining what had been ailing her on the day of the occurrence.  She stated, “After so many years of taking pictures with people, one moment of weakness determined the impression this lady will forever have on me. What the lady saw on my page that day was a joyful 19-year-old having a good day, but what she saw in person was a 19-year-old who was experiencing hurt, confusion, and just frankly having a bad day.”  There was no explanation in the caption as to where this pain or confusion originated.

An Apology and a Message

photo by sadie robertson via instagram.comphoto by Sadie Robertson via

Sadie states that she reached out with an apology to the fan, and learned from the situation.  She urged her fans to show their authentic selves.  This message rings similar to her “Live Original” message.  

“I want to encourage you in telling this story that YOU ARE just human. You are going to mess up. You are going to have moments of weakness. You are going to have tough days. Don’t dwell on them. Don’t let them stop your life. Don’t let them determine your reputation. Smile bigger, love more, and just be happy with being you.”

It would seem Sadie is just fine now, and we may never know what exactly was bothering her on that day.  She has continued to post on her social media accounts since the incident.


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