A large group of fans pointed out that the season finale of TBBT would be a great occasion for a Sheldon and Amy wedding…but will the writers really make us wait two years to see these two finally tie the knot?

Steve Molaro Predictions

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Steve Molaro is one of the men behind the scenes at TBBT. He gets to decide whether or not our favorite characters end up together, what sort of antics they get involved in, and who ends up with who. 

He’s also super attached to these characters. He admitted to the Hollywood Reporter that he’s enjoyed watching them grow, and feels connected to them. As for the show coming to an end? He said, “I don’t want to think about the series finale because it’s too emotional for me.”

As for the show coming to an end? He said, “I don’t want to think about the series finale because it’s too emotional for me.”

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So if the writers and producers haven’t thought of Sheldon and Amy’s wedding being the series finale, does that mean it might happen sooner? We still aren’t sure.

We still aren’t sure. Molaro explained that things happen “organically” at TBBT. The writers and producers look at the characters as if they are real people, and try to think as they would when it comes to writing their own story. Molaro explained, “It was a surprise to us when we decided Sheldon was going to propose and I would like to think it would be a surprise to us when they get married.”


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Don’t worry- Molaro didn’t leave us completely in the dark. He was somewhat ominous about a long engagement in Sheldon and Amy’s future.

“A lot happened in Season 10! We haven’t talked about it extensively. It’s a slow-moving relationship and wedding dates are movable, so who knows. I would imagine they’re not in a rush but we try not to plan too far ahead — because it helps keep things exciting and organic….” 

How long do you think Sheldon and Amy’s engagement will last?

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