JUST IN: Sadie Robertson’s New Song Just Got Major News


Sadie Robertson’s new song with Anthem Lights, Just Be You, just hit the number one spot on the Christian Music charts on iTunes. Just 24 hours after its release, this song is already making a huge impact.

Sadie Robertson’s New Song

Sadie Robertson’s new song, Just Be You is topping charts after just days of being released. The song is a collaboration with the Anthem Lights band. The group tours with Sadie on Live Original

Sadie shared the song on her Instagram page. She explained, “When we set down to talk about writing this song we decided we really just want to create a song that you girls can sing over yourself in the morning and throughout the day as a reminder that YOU truly are a one of a kind!”

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Lyrics in the song hint to Sadie’s book title, and brand name Live Original. The song states, “No one can do it just like you, something magic in the way you move. You’re original, you know it’s true,” the lyrics say. “Don’t let anybody take your tune; you ain’t got a single thing to improve. You’re original, so just be you.”

Sadie also hinted that she would be performing the song live on her tour. She said, “sing along live in 10 days at our first show in Huntsville, Alabama!”

The Boys Celebrate

The Anthem Lights boys are from Nashville. The Christian group has gained quite a bit of popularity in recent years. They are based in Nashville, and frequently tour on their own and with Live Original.

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The band celebrated the songs major success with an Instagram post that read, “GUYS!!!! We hit number one!!!!! This is crazy. Thank you so much for all the support! Keep streaming, downloading, and sharing “Just Be You” ft. @legitsadierob! This is our first original number one song ever! We are so blessed by y’all.”

Anthem Lights and Sadie Robertson’s new song is available on iTunes. Will you be downloading it?