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Should Duck Commander change their logo?

After forty years, of the same logo, Willie Robertson brought the idea to the guys in the shop.

Jase thought it was a terrible idea. And you have to admit. He has a point. After all, Willie does have the logo tattooed on his arm. Willie wasn’t impressed with the fact, that they weren’t impressed, with his creative idea.

Willie really wanted to give the Duck Commander a new image. Remember Block Buster? Yeah. That was Willie’s point.

He doesn’t want Duck Commander to be the Block Buster of the hunting world.

So, he hired a brand consultant to “bling” up the old logo.

Although Jase wasn’t impressed with the idea of his brother changing the logo, he had a real good point.

“It’s not broken. Quit tryin’ to fix it.” Jase said.

One of the logos that the brand consultant brought to Willie was a plump yellow duck with a gun. However, the one he leaned toward, was a “blinded out” version of the old logo.

“It’s time to set this logo on fire!” Will told the audience.

It’s no secret that the innovation of Willie and Korie Robertson is what has propelled Duck Commander from flailing to flourishing. But a new logo is a big jump. Jase could be right.

“Any good leaders knows to surround himself with people who don’t always share the same perspectives,” Willie admitted on camera.

When you consider forty years of one brand, and then changing it? Well, that might take some doing. However, according to Jase, his “slap-happies” could do a better job of doodling creating a logo, than the firm Willie hired.

So, here’s where working with your brother can get you in trouble; when Jase says that his “slap-happies” can do better, and Willie said go for it. Jase did.

Jase pulled everyone off the work line to create a new logo–and prove his brother wrong. Notice how his issue shifted from should we change it, to we can do it better?

The results were true to form. Jep even created a buffed up duck that looked like it could have been on steroids.

When one of the guys said, “So basically, we wasted an entire day?” Willie asked, “How’s that different than any other day?”

“When you run a family business everyone seems to have an opinion. And while it may be easiest to tune ’em out, sometimes they actually do know what they’re talking about. Even at times, it seems that we’re working against each other, ultimately we’re all on the same team. Just like Phil and I are on the same team with wanting Bella to grow up with the right values. All that really matters is that we find common ground.” -Willie Robertson

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