Bernie New Friend Is Single…

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBSThe Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

While the majority of the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory focuses on Sheldon’s wedding breakdown, there’s a side story about Bernie’s new colleague at work. Bernie just wants to be friendly, but Howard has other plans.

At breakfast one morning, Howard pushes for Bernie to set up her newly single friend with Raj. Unfortunately, she’s against this possible first date. She wants to wait and see if she likes the girl or not before she “ruins her life…”

This means no luck for Raj and Stuart, but Howard continues to push the idea…

Raj And Stuart Crash The Party…

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBSThe Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Bernie and her new friend go ahead and make plans alone, but the boys show up anyway. Raj and Stuart find out where to find the girls and make their way to local wine hot spot to meet this new single lady.

Howard’s wife Bernie is upset, but she lets it slide. In a way, their efforts work, and she at least agrees to see the boys again. However, Raj decides to take his chances and doesn’t tell Stuart about their next meeting.

But, as Stuart says, there’s no room for a “Who is more desperation?” competition.

Can Raj Be Patient And Find Love?

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBSThe Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Raj believes that Bernie new friend is perfect for him because they’re both from India. When they speak, it’s clear that they have this in common, but not much else as Raj and Stewart start to bicker.

Both men want to take their chances to date the new friend, but she shuts them down. At the comic book shop, both Raj and Stewart agree that they should just be friends and see what happens.

Raj takes his chances and requests a date anyway but has no luck. In the future, if this character sticks around, it’s possible that a patient Raj could find love. For now, she just wants to be friends.

If Raj takes his time and stops looking so desperate, he could find love.

Do you think Raj has the patience to wait for love?

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