What Sadie Just Said “Shook Her Fans To The Core”…


Sadie Robertson’s blog post just shook her fans to their core. The Duck Dynasty star just wrote a compelling piece about shame, faith, and servitude.

Sadie Robertson’s Blog Goes Deep

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For the past few months, Sadie Robertson’s blog has really taken off. She’s been able to use the Live Original website to challenge and uplift her fans. She’s also invited many friends and special guests to add their own input. The result is a well thought out, beautiful place for content.

However, Sadie’s most recent piece recounts a very sad story. Sadie was driving to Atlanta to speak at a church when she saw a homeless man on the side of the road. She felt compelled to speak with him. However, when she offered him her Bible, he refused the gift. After she pressed him, he revealed that he was an atheist. Sadie said she saw herself in this man, feeling unworthy of God’s love and promise.

Sadie wrote, “We believe that there is hope for everyone else, but we could not possible to worthy of accepting belonging, and shame isolates us from the feeling of love. We allow the worldly cycle of sin in our life produce a load of shame, and that brings us to the state of isolation, homeless, hopeless and lifelessness.”

Sadie’s Hopes

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Sadie Robertson’s blog is a labor of love. The young star hopes to continue to create content and write meaningful pieces. She told fans on Instagram, “I’m posting a new blog tomorrow on liveoriginal.com that I’m really excited for y’all to read. I pray it’s a game changer for those of who you don’t feel worthy. Maybe you feel undeserving of Belonging, unloved, or alone … if that’s you then you are who I’m writing to. I have prayed so much over this word.”

Sadie also recently invited friends like Korie Robertson, Laney Redmon, and Anthem Lights to speak on the blog. Some entries are even pulled from the Live Original book itself. True Duck Dynasty and Live Original fans will love Sadie Robertson’s blog, and we highly recommend it.