On last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, while Dwight was out on an errand. He stumbles upon a series of walkers that were dismantled and crawling across the road.

Later, he’s creeping along with his motorcycle when he’s attacked by another falling walker. Upon Examining the scene, some think that they saw a Donald Trump-like walker.

Titled ‘The Cell,’ the majority of the episode is about Daryl being held captive. But some fans believe that this one scene is meant to showcase Republican President Elect Donald Trump.

While it’s difficult to tell, others feel it was the Alec Baldwin version of Trump, which has been highlighted on SNL in recent debates. This, of course, has other fans up in arms about the timeline of the show.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC / YahooThe Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC / YahooSetting the Scene

While Dwight creeps along, the camera pans to his right. We see several walkers crawling in his direction. The final shot shows a pile of walker remains that probably fell from the freeway. That’s when a walker moves to reveal the zombie that resembles Trump.

The Trump walker crawls, in tattered clothing, but the hairline is similar to the Republican candidate. As any impersonator might know, that seems to be the key to the Trump impersonation. And now Alec Baldwin’s does Trump’s SNL signature character.

Walking Dead Salutes | Photo Courtesy Dread CentralWalking Dead Salutes | Photo Courtesy Dread CentralGreg Nicotero’s Other Homages

Greg Nicotero, the special effects expert and executive producer of the show. He is known for similar cameos; perhaps there is something to this claim. Creating a walker homage might be something he would consider.

Nicotero has created other cameos in the past. He’s featured zombie tributes from Dawn of the Dead, Evil Dead 2, An American Werewolf in London, and many other points of homage, such as a floating head in Jaws. Also, he was even zombie-fied himself for one episode last season.

AMC denies any claim that this crawling walker is supposed to President Trump. But fan theories are rarely halted by facts alone. The hairline and date placement are certainly on the fan’s side of the debate.

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