Sadie Robertson has been open about her fear of others, but she recently overcame those fears.

Sadie RobertsonLaney Redmon and Sadie Robertson (photo via Country Rebel)

Sadie admits she’s afraid of singing in front of other people, but she decided to face that fear head on. 

“I’ve had a lot of those fear-driven moments because for a long time, I just was totally enslaved to fear,” she said. “It was almost like fear would answer the question if I were going to do something or not or if I was going to take an opportunity.”

This time, she answered yes to posting a video of herself covering one of the hottest songs right now.

She’s posted videos of herself singing Christian songs before, but this time she performed Miley Cyrus’ new song “Malibu.”

photo by

She performed the song with her friend Laney Redmon, a backup dancer for the Christian singer Britt Nicole.

“[The lyrics] say, ‘But you brought me here,’” Redmon explains. “That’s such a picture of God, you go through these things, and you get scared of things, but wherever God wants you to be, He’ll bring you there.”

Sadie agreed.

“We know it’s not a Christian song necessarily, but it’s such a powerful message and you can definitely relate it to your lives in many different ways,” Sadie said.

She went on to talk about fear, trying to encourage viewers to not give into it.

“I think that’s so cool because if you live a life of fear, if you live a life of anxiety and panic, you kind of live in isolation and you live with prison bars in front of you that you can’t really get out of,” she said. “And you know you have the key, but you just won’t get out. And as soon as you get out, you’re as free as a bird and are like, ‘Wow, I can do anything.’… you just said no to fear!”

Watch the video below:

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