It Looks Like The Duck Legacy Lives On In One Major Way…


Sadie and Korie Robertson’s friend just wrote a seriously strong essay on rejection. Alyssa Bethke wrote the book Love That Lasts with her husband, and now she’s written a powerful guest blog for Live Original. Here’s what she had to say about rejection and God.

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Sadie and Korie Robertson’s Friend On Rejection

Sadie and Korie Robertson’s friend, Alyssa Bethke, just wrote a seriously powerful essay about rejection. The Duck Dynasty star has invited Alyssa to guest-write for her Live Original blog. Korie also knows Alyssa from her business endeavors. Alyssa hosts a Love That Lasts retreat with her husband, and both Korie and Willie Robertson were speakers at the retreat last month.

Alyssa had quite a bit to say about rejection in her moving post. She explained that she is immediately affected when thinking about the word. She wrote, “Rejection. Even as I type the word and say it in my head, I feel the sting. In fact, if I let myself, I could easily let that word grab hold of me, making me feel numb and helpless.”

However, Alyssa believes that God has given us rejection as a gift. She explained, “That’s right, God has given us this longing, and I believe it’s in order to bring us to Himself. The desire of His heart is to wrap us in His strong arms, look at us with tears in His eyes and proclaim, “Yes! I want you. I’ve always wanted you…”

Alyssa’s Marriage Advice

Aside from Alyssa’s compelling blog post, you can also read her marriage advice book Love That Lasts. After only four years of marriage, she and husband Jeff penned the book. However, Alyssa and Jeff married only four years ago. When asked why they wrote a book about marriage with such little experience, they said, “we haven’t discovered the answers on our own, but through the wisdom and encouragement we’ve received from our mentors and older, married couples that we are privileged enough to know.”

One of those couples happened to be Korie and Willie Robertson. Korie wrote, “It doesn’t get any better than getting asked to speak at a Marriage Retreat in Maui! ☀️????????????????Thank you @jeffersonbethke and @alyssajoybethke it was truly an honor and a blast to be with y’all! If you ever need us to come to Maui again, don’t hesitate to ask????” 

Sadie and Korie Robertson’s friend, Alyssa, seems to have a great head on her shoulders. We wonder if she’ll join the Live Original team full time in the future.