Sadie Kicks Off Her Live Original Tour With A Bit Of Controversy…


Sadie Robertson’s Live Original tour began this past weekend in Huntsville Alabama. It sounds like the event was a success. However, there was one tiny controversy to report.

The Live Original Tour Begins

The Live Original tour is the brainchild of Sadie Robertson and her family. The event brings worship, encouragement, and great music to teens and young adults all over the country. Sadie Robertson hosts, and brings with her a whole group of artists and Christians.

Sadie celebrated the kick-off of the tour with an excited Instagram post. The young starlet said, “LOVED EVERY SECOND OF THIS FIRST WEEKEND ON TOUR. Chains fell. Hearts free. Lives changed. & it’s only the first weekend.” 

In this day and age, it’s pretty hard to find a teen like Sadie. She’s got a strong faith, serious morals, and a heart for service. However, there will always be fans who find something to criticize. 

Poor Sadie couldn’t catch a break as fans mistook her “I love you” hand signal as a Satanic message. Thankfully other fans rushed to Sadie’s defense, stating that the hand gesture means “I love you” in sign language.

Fortunately, this seems to be the only slight hiccup in the Live Original tour’s opening weekend. Sadie joined Anthem Lights Band, Steven Malcolm, and her brother John Luke Robertson on the road. 

Get The Experience

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If you want to experience the Live Original tour for yourself you can head to the company’s website to buy tickets. Sadie will be appearing all over the country into the Winter this year. 

If you aren’t able to go to an actual event, you can still get a feel for what it’s like online. Sadie stated, “All backstage videos and recap of the night will be on @liveoriginal so go follow if you aren’t all ready! Throughout the tour make sure y’all tag @liveoriginal & #hashtag#liveoriginal in all your pics.”

It sounds like the tour is going great, and Sadie is making a huge impact in people her age. The Live Original tour does a great job of offering a welcoming, exciting, and God-centered atmosphere for teens and young adults to attend.