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Could This Be the Next Duck Dynasty Movement?

By Theresa White | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-29

Live Original is not just the brain child of Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson, it’s become her passion, her message to the world. The Live Original Tour is about being confident in the person you were created to be. Being who you are.

This is a huge issue for America’s youth today. Especially for young girls, what with the onslaught of social media. They not only feel the pressure from the opposite sex to look a certain way, they feel it more so by other girls. It doesn’t help that the media amplifies the message. Be this way, look that way– if only you had this. The pressure to conform to someone else’s standard is crushing.

That’s why Sadie’s message is so timely.

Sadie told a packed house at Liberty University’s Convocation, that’s how she sees it all too often. Girls envying other girls for their features, their hair even their eyebrows. The desire to be someone else is a strong pull in American culture.

Sadie’s message is that this desire is an illusion. “You’re never going to get to that point,” says the 18 year-old Duck Dynasty star.

“If you look at human goals, you’re never going to get to that point. Because there’s always going to be someone out there, better looking than you, or prettier than you, or skinnier than you.”

“We look up to God and say, “God if I just lost 10 pounds, I promise I won’t be insecure anymore.” And He says, “I made you altogether beautiful my darling. And there is no flaw in you. I’ve told you that. My son died for your insecurity, so why are you insecure?”

Sadie went on to elaborate on how we tell God its all so scary, that its hard. And yet, He tells us that He has conquered all fears.

“We keep coming up with all these excuses.”

That’s why Live Original is about being comfortable in who you are. She understands the struggles young girls face on a daily basis.


Live Original
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Sadie came to realize, if now -how she looks or what she has–is not enough for her, it will never be. Sadie wants people to know that God made them perfect. The way in the way that He wants you to benefit the world.

Live Original is all about accepting that this is how God made you.

“And I’m going to rock it and I’m going to go out here, and I’m going to use it to benefit you.”

Live Original
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That’s the movement that Sadie along with Mary Kate, Bonnie Kate, John Luke, Cole Robertson, Reed Robertson, Max Zoghbi, Brighton Thompson-Robertson are all trying to start. Although the tour is over, the movement is far from over.

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