Missy Robertson Says She Gives Her Kids No Choice


Missy Robertson spoke at the Moms March for America last weekend. The Duck Dynasty wife took to the stage to talk about her conservative views and her belief in God. She also gave a little insight into how she’s raising her kids to be respectful, Christian, believers.

Missy Robertson Gives No Choice

Missy Robertson admitted that she gives her kids no choice when it comes to being respectful. Missy explained, “When my family’s reality television show became successful people started asking me questions everywhere I went. The number one question during that first year was ‘How did you get your children to be so respectful?'”

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Miss Robertson was stunned by the question. She said she would frequently respond saying, “They have no choice. If they are disrespectful, there are consequences.” Jase and Missy have three children together- Reed Mia and Cole. Reed is now married and living in Nashville with his wife, Brighton. Cole is studying at Pepperdine University, and Mia is a middle school cheerleader.

Missy believes that habit of respect for authority is taught at home. She told the women at the Mom’s March For America, “Respect for others is learned at an early age. If it isn’t, it is much harder to come by as an adult.” 

She Got It From Her Mama

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Missy Robertson got this parenting technique from her parents. Her parents taught her at an early age to respect her elders, including teachers. Missy said, “My parents taught me the teacher is always right…Even though they knew that teachers do sometimes make mistakes, my parent’s point was this- your teacher is the boss at school. [They are] worthy of your respect.” 

Missy also spoke about her conservative political views. She touched on gender-identity issues and abortion. The group of conservative faith-based women at the march received Missy’s speech well. Do you agree with Missy Robertson’s views on respect from children?