Kaley Cuoco recently appeared on The Rachael Ray Show and talked with the famous chef about life with and without The Big Bang Theory, and her special last name.

Rachael started out with Kaley’s segment asking about her last name. Apparently Cuoco means cook in Italain, and Rachael wanted to know if Kaley is any good in the kitchen. Kaley said that recently she has been getting very interested in cooking her own meals and added, “It only took me 31 yeras to live up to my name!” We also want to add that Kaley’s boyfriend is named Karl Cook, so technically they already share a last name. SIGH.

Apparently Karl is also vegetarian, with no fish and no meat. However, he’s willing to cook them for Kaley. The Big Bang Theory star admitted she has learned to love lentils and quinoa.

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Kaley also talked about the upcoming The Bing Bang Theory Season 10. She described the final scene of the season as “so sweet,” and admitted to crying. This only fuels our assumptions that Sheldon will be proposing to Amy in the final minutes. 

Kaley and Rachael also talked about the syndication of Big Bang. Not only has the show been running for ten years, but re-runs are played almost every day on TBS. Kaley admitted that she hates to hear her own voice while channel surfing. “I’m like oh my God!” she explained.

Kaley’s Evolving Style

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Kaley says that looking back over ten years really shows her style evolution. She said there are quite a few choices she can’t believe, and exclaimed, “What was I thinking! I’m horrified.” She also said, “It’s weird, it’s my 20s so it’s kind of my whole life story in a way.” Kaley began filming the hit TV show at 21 years old, and is now 31 in its 10th season. Her character Penny has had a similar transformation, going from broke waitress to successful career woman.

Did you love watching Kaley Cuoco on The Rachael Ray Show?

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