A new Willie Robertson book, The American Fisherman, just released. The Duck Commander CEO tries his hand at writing once again.

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The American Fisherman

Willie Robertson recently teamed up with a historian named William Doyle, to bring another book into the world. The hard-cover book can be purchased for $17.99 on Amazon, and promises a glimpse into history from a fishing perspective. It speaks of how fishing shaped the country’s history, boosted its economy, and created a creative outlet for many.

All Types of People

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The book’s description speaks to many types of fishers through history. The writing describes Native Americans as the continent’s first anglers. The book promises to also touch on their spiritual connection to the act. Vikings were drawn to the Americas for its many waterways. Pilgrims used fishing to create an economy. The description even boasts that fishing helped “win the American Revolution.”  “From New England cod to Pacific Northwest salmon to Gulf shrimp,” Robertson says, “the fishing industry has fed and financed centuries of Americans in every region of the country.”

A Presidential Affair

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Robertson also speaks about the many presidents who have taken part in fishing. In his description he notes that fishing made George Washington rich and prosperous. He also spoke to Bill O’Reilly on November 11th and recalled that Franklin D. Roosevelt also had a past time in fishing. “FDR was there,” Robertson told O’Reilly. “I was writing about when he was out fishing…and when he was getting away from all the problems that were going on…really heavy stuff. That’s how he would find a way.”

Willie also admitted he had drawn inspiration from O’Reilly’s book, Killing the Rising Sun. “We go back through history,” Robertson explained, “it’s like your book. It’s historical but rather than the world being on the brink of annihilation, it’s about fishing!”

It’s Not Just Louisiana

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The book promises to speak on the many parts of North America where fishing has taken place. O’Reilly joked that Louisiana was the best place to fish in the world, as long as you don’t come across an alligator. To this Willie shot back “Don’t be scared though! You can eat those as well. We Louisiana people just have to learn how to eat anything in the water.”

All joking aside, the description does promise to cover a vast amount of areas including, “alpine trout streams in the Rocky Mountains, steelhead runs along the storm-tossed Alaskan coast, the azure waters off Key West where marlin roam, and the bayous of Louisiana where the Robertsons have instilled the love and lessons of fishing down through the generations, as so many other families have.

Patriotic to its Core

No matter if you are an avid fisher or simply angler-curious, this book promises to be an interesting look into the United States and its history.  

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