Miss Kay Of Duck Dynasty Talks About Her Faith And Past Abuse

By Theresa White | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-21


Miss Kay is the matriarch of the highest rated reality series, Duck Dynasty. It is the hit television show that won America’s heart. Her bearded boys, and outspoken husband have become our favorite rednecks.

In a candid interview, Miss Kay talks about her life. The early days of answering the phone while rolling out pie crust, with the greeting, “Duck Commander.”

Her boys would come home from school and watch tv like most other kids. However there was one difference. They had duck calls lined up in front of them. They would box up the duck calls and put the stickers on them.

Humble beginnings. But those days of early duck calls wasn’t the start of a simple life for Miss Kay.

Miss Kay came from a tiny town of just 300 people in Louisiana, a small town with just one red light. A red light, she is quick to add that the town was very proud of.

Her grandmother’s house was a wonderful place to her as a child. Miss Kay would walk into her kitchen and find pots boiling, the lids tapping out the sounds of simmering comfort.

Her grandmother once told her,

“One man, one woman, one life.”

In her world, divorce was not an option.

Phil and Kay met in high school. He was an athlete and Kay was a cheerleader. He played football as a quarterback, and loved baseball and hunting. For Kay, it was love at first sight.

The two married at while they were still teens. Phil went on to college, and Miss Kay followed and soon had their first son, Allen.

The couple went through some hard times in those early years. Miss Kay, while emphasizing that she would never encourage someone to stay in an abusive marriage–she did suffer abuse at one point.

Although it was only when he was drinking, and that happened a lot at one point. But, says Miss Kay, the words were the worst.

Why didn’t she leave? She said, because she married for better or for worse. She is convinced that if she would have left him during that time, he would be dead today. His drinking and his temper would have put an end to him.

Although Phil had a teaching degree, he left his teaching position to run a bar. One night Phil came home drunk.

That’s when the abuse became more than she could take. He was drunk and accused her of cheating on him. It didn’t matter that’s exactly what he was doing.

Miss Kay lost all hope. At that point she wished she could just take some sleeping pills and go to sleep and never wake up.

That’s when she could hear little slippers sliding across the floor. Her three little boys came to the bathroom where she was crying.
The oldest, Allen said,

“Mom, don’t cry anymore, God’s going to take care of us.”

The light went on. It was those “little souls” that needed her that made her want to live.

The next day she went to talk with a pastor. When he asked her if she was going to heaven, she said yes. Her reasoning was because she had lived with this drunk abusive man, for ten years–fighting for her marriage. If anyone had earned her way to heaven, she had.

That’s when she learned that she can’t earn heaven, and she heard the gospel of Jesus for the first time. After she made Jesus the Lord of her life, she said, “I knew I had help.”

Today, Miss Kay believes that, “God is blessing us. Maybe because He knows were still gonna talk about Him.”

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