Kay Makes Scary Confession About Phil’s Abuse


Miss Kay Robertson is the matriarch of the Duck Dynasty family. In this emotional video, she remembers a time when Phil Robertson wasn’t a Godly man. However, she believes faith and persistence helped bring her husband to the light.

Kay Robertson’s Memories

Kay Robertson has quite a few memories. She’s seen Duck Commander from its earliest days. Both she and Phil Robertson never had any idea the business would grow into such a huge success. She told reporters, “I’d be rolling pie dough and answering Duck Commander, and I’d have a little pad and pencil writing things down. My kids would come in from school and sit on the floor in front of the TV and line up duck call boxes.”

She also remembers when she first met Phil. Their relationship has been one for the books. However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Kay said, “It was for me, love at first sight. I don’t if Phil would say that or not. But I did see him and I thought ‘I like the way that looks.'”

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However, Phil grew abusive after finding solace in alcohol. Kay admits ,”I don’t want anybody to stay through an abusive thing, and I had some abuse…It was only when he was drunk. The words were the worst. But I’m not saying he did anything physical. One time he did drank some real moonshine and he did do some physical abuse that time…”

Why She Stayed

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When faced with a situation that many women would have fled, Kay Robertson stayed. She explains that her grandmother had always told her, “One woman and one man for life…Divorce is not an option.” 

Kay also felt responsible for helping Phil turn his life around. She recalls, “I was a loyal person. When I made the vow to God for better or worse, til death do we part. I’m convinced that if I hadn’t stayed with him he’d be dead.”

Thankfully Phil did come to a turning point. He found Jesus, and realized the havoc he was wreaking on their family. That’s when Duck Commander began, and the rest is history. 

Did you know that Kay Robertson endured such great abuse?