Mary Kate Robertson, “The Little Duck Wife,” often posts on social media. This week was no exception.

The Duck Dynasty wife posted photos from the Robertson’s family trip to Mexico.

photo by @marykaterob via instagram.comphoto by @marykaterob via

Family Vacation

Mary Kate Robertson vacationed in Mexico with her husband’s family, the Robertsons, as they ventured south of the border to celebrate the wedding of Rebecca Lo, to John Reed Loflin. The entire family took advantage of the destination wedding.

It’s clear the Louisiana natives loved the clear water and sea salt air.

Bridesmaid Sisters

photo by @marykaterob via instagram.comphoto by @marykaterob via

Mary Kate, along with Sadie Robertson and Bella Robertson, were bridesmaids in Rebecca Lo’s wedding, wearing tropical printed khaki colored dresses.

They wore beach waves in their hair, and sandal thongs on their feet.

Mary Kate refers to Rebecca, Bella, and Sadie as her sisters–although they are not blood relatives they are all very close.


Mary Kate has even toured the country with sister-in-law Sadie, as part of the “Squad,” made up of speakers in Sadie’s “Live Original” tour.

Mary Kate captioned the photo below, “Did a whole lot of twirling and dancing around tonight with these sisters, while the other sis got MARRIED!! John Reed and Rebecca, I love you two!”

photo by @marykaterob via instagram.comphoto by @marykaterob via

Mary Kate’s Photography

Mary Kate is in a photographer’s paradise with the tropical background and ample views in Mexico. Previously the Duck Dynasty wife talked of her love of photography on her blog, The Little Duck Wife. 

Mary Kate wrote, “I have a Cannon Rebel SL1 that I LOVE. I take a lot of pictures with it, but most are actually taken on my iPhone. Then VSCO is all I use to edit my pictures.”

A Wise Woman

Mary Kate also wrote to her Instagram followers, and told them of a wise woman she met in Mexico. Although she is vague about who the woman was, Mary Kate wrote, “I had a really brief encounter this morning with such a kind, wise woman and even though we talked for less than 5 minutes, she got down to the important stuff quick.” 

This message was accompanied by a photo of Mary Kate staring at the ocean. The woman told Mary Kate, “Look for God in the little things. Ask Him to reveal Himself in the little things as well as the big things. So often things happen and I know they’re just little God winks.”

Mary Kate has been very outspoken about her faith. She and John Luke often speak to the media and their social media following about their religion. The Little Duck Wife wrote, “So appreciative of an older, wiser, woman of God stopping to tell me that today and so thankful for a God who just likes to wink at me in the little things.”

Has God winked at you lately, or would you recognize it if He did?

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