Michonne Actress Prepares For Marvel Franchise

Danai Gurira | Photo Credit Marvel

If actors or actresses are lucky enough to land a Marvel role, it’s likely they’ll be in several movies rather than just one. Danai Gurira who plays Michonne on The Walking Dead is gearing up for several franchise hits.

Gurira is set to star as Okoye, a ferocious female warrior who watches over the royal family in Black Panther, which will hit theaters in 2018. Now, she’s also been attached to the new Avengers sequel, Avengers: Infinity War.

This will be the third Avengers film, but there are also full ensembles in the third Captain America and other connections within the Thor films and Iron Man.

Danai Gurira Lands Several Roles Beyond Michonne

Danai Gurira | Photo Credit CBR

Deadline writes:

“Gurira next co-stars in All Eyez On Me, the Benny Boom-directed Lionsgate film about Tupac Shakur. Demetrius Shipp Jr plays Tupac, and Gurira playing the hip-hop icon’s mother, Afeni Shakur (who actually was a member of the Black Panthers). That film will be released Friday.”

“All this comes after Gurira established herself as the baddest warrior on primetime television in The Walking Dead, playing the samurai sword-wielding Michonne. Now, she’ll give rival DC’s Wonder Woman a run for her money in Avengers: Infinity War, which is being directed by Joe and Anthony Russo for Marvel.”

Does This Mean The End For Michonne?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

As always, landing a series or film quickly makes Walking Dead fans wonder if this means the end for a character. It happened with both Sasha and Heath (maybe) in the last season, which could mean lights out for Michonne before the end of the war.

In the comic book, Michonne follows Andrea’s storyline as Rick’s love interest. As everyone now knows, Andrea dies in the comic when she’s bitten trying to save Eugene from a herd of walkers.

Do you think this new film means the end of Michonne on The Walking Dead?

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