Fun with Flags

Most fans of the Big Bang Theory were excited over seeing Amy and Sheldon go through a live simulcast of “Fun with Flags” in last night’s episode. The humor multiplies when Raj and Howard lend their musical talents to the production as the house band. Way to go with the catchy theme song, “Footprints on the Moon!” But unfortunately,  a secret is about to ruin this great moment.

The Secret

While Sheldon and Amy educate their flag-loving audience, Bernadette shares a secret with Leonard and Penny. Amy’s apartment has been ready for weeks, but she’s repeatedly told Sheldon the contractors are behind schedule. I’m pretty sure a lot of us saw this coming. Remember what happened when Amy got sick? She faked being sick. And then Sheldon found out what she was doing.

Sheldon eventually notices Amy deflecting the conversation any time he mentions her apartment. He complains about Amy’s odd behavior to his friends, noting he feels strongly that she’s hiding something from him. This is unbelievable to Sheldon, especially since Sheldon shared his body and his Netflix password with her. Leonard caves and spills the beans regarding Amy’s apartment situation.


Not knowing if he should be angry or flattered, Howard offers some advice: Sheldon should hang on to this information until he needs to use it against Amy in the future. Leonard commandeers the conversation, warning Sheldon this is terrible advice. Howard perks up and says he knows a secret Penny has been keeping from Leonard. Does he want to know? Howard tells him anyways. Penny has been secretly moving Leonard’s collectibles into storage a few items at a time for months. Cue Sheldon and Leonard searching Leonard’s room for a particular Superman action figure. I’ve already stated my opinion that this is wrong of Penny to do.

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As the list of vanished items continues to grow, Leonard becomes baffled he never noticed missing storm troopers or his bedside Klingon word-of-the-day calendar. He and Sheldon bond over the fact their significant others have been deceiving them. The question is, should they confront Penny and Amy? Or should they wait and see how far they’re willing to go with the charade?

Besties, Klingon, and Secret Talk

The girls walk into the apartment and Sheldon immediately confronts Amy. Penny, who just learned Amy’s apartment is indeed ready for her to move back in, covers for her ‘bestie.’ She claims they just came from the apartment and confirmed it would indeed be a while before Amy can return.

Leonard and Sheldon are confused. They begin speaking Klingon to each other, wondering if Penny is lying or if they’ve been misinformed this entire time. I wish I could speak Klingon. Amy jumps on the same bandwagon and starts speaking her secret language to Penny. Both groups try to work out what exactly is going on. It was pretty hilarious.

Penny finally encourages them all to speak their native tongue so they can drag these secrets out into the open. Should Sheldon be mad at Amy for lying? All she wanted to do is spend more time with him. Should Leonard be mad at Penny for stealing his Batman key chain? He didn’t even notice.

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