A hunter named Hunter shot himself while deer hunting.

Hunter Richardson was on Christmas break from college in Massachusetts and he decided to go deer hunting.

But sadly, he spent Christmas Day in the ICU, reports CBS Boston.

Hunter Richardson before a hunting accident that nearly took his life (photo via CBS) “It’s horrible,” said Richardson’s mother, Lee Anna, as tears streamed down her face. “There’s really no other way to say it.”

Here’s what happened…

Hunter Richardson recovering in the ICU after a hunting accident (Photo via CBS)

The 18-year-old went deer hunting on Christmas Eve with his dad, his younger brother, and his cousin. They came upon an icy pond, and that’s where things took a turn for the worst.

Hunter decided to test how thick or thin the ice was to see if it could hold him. But the way he tested it was maybe not the best idea — he smacked the butt of his rifle against the ice with the tip inadvertently pointed at his chest.

The gun went off, sending a bullet through his chest.

His dad was a retired Marine and was able to stop his son’s bleeding while they were still in the woods. The first responders soon arrived, thanks to a nearby local who cleared a path with his tractor, and Hunter was rushed to the local ICU.

“I never in a gazillion years thought I’d be in the ICU with my son, hoping he’d just survive,” his mom said.

Amazingly, the bullet missed everything important in Hunter’s chest — his heart and a major artery. Certainly, someone “upstairs” was looking after him.

“You survive off of everybody’s prayers and love,” his mom said.

Here’s to hoping Hunter is fully recovering. You can click here to watch CBS Boston’s video coverage of the story.

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