The Duck Dynasty Guide to Raising a Family of Courageous Adults


Duck Dynasty



Duck Dynasty fans have admired the parenting skills of Willie and Korie Robertson as they’ve watched their kids grow up on television each week. But the question is, are they just stage parents? Is what we see on the air, really what is going on behind the scenes?

It’s often said that the hardest part about becoming a parent is that the job doesn’t come with a training manual.

And yet, there are so many important elements when raising children, it’s easy to feel like a failure.

When your kids are famous, and your family is famous, the world is watching you through a magnifying glass. The Robertson family is no different.

When Korie and Sadie Robertson sat down in an interview at Liberty University, where her brother and new sister-in-law attend, she had one special piece of advice to give parents. And, of course, the students she was addressing.

Parenting, Korie acknowledges, is not easy. You have to become what you want your children to be. She gave the example of being courageous.

If you want your children to be courageous adults, you can’t hover over them fearful they will get hurt.

By doing so, you are first of all not being courageous yourself. You are exhibiting fear. And secondly, you are instilling that fear in your children.

One of the most detrimental things to kids, Korie says, are parents who are not living their life according to their faith and values at home. They watch their parents go out into the world and act as if everything is great and perfect. When, at home, behind closed doors things are much different.

Instead of being true to who they, the parents, are they are griping and complaining. They are upset that a neighbor has a better house, or car than they do. Or they are being dishonest with their spouse.

“If we as parents, come home and we are not living it. Then our kids are going to feel like they are living a lie, and they are not going to respect us.” 

“They are not going to ultimately respect God and honor Him. Because that’s the ultimate goal,” Korie says, ” is to not just have our kids love and respect us, but to look to him.”

Sadie also shared with the students, that in her opinion, one of the oddest questions she gets is from people who ask her, “how they decided to be Christians on the show?”

Then she explained with a dimpled smile, that was never the plan. That is who they are. They were serving God, long before the cameras came into their home. It has been their life, all of her life.

Which underscores exactly what her mom has been saying. They are true to themselves.