From TBBT, who wins People’s Choice between Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco?


It’s no surprise actors from the nuclear sitcom The Big Bang Theory are up for a People’s choice nomination. Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco are highly favored, actors. Their career on the show has launched them into stardom and celebrity wealth.

But, for all the adoration, fans are splintered between who should win the award. While best actor/actress are separate categories on People’s Choice, some favor one over the other.

And how is that? Read on to find out.

Fan criticisms


Kaley Cuoco is liked by a lot of people. Currently, she’s the highest paid actress on TBBT. And why not? Kaley was with the show since the beginning (excluding the pilot). Yet, at the same time, she’s not universally beloved.

Some fan criticisms come to Kaley from her mid-season performance. To them, she’s become less interesting as a character. Now, she only rolls her eyes or acts confused when one of the main characters says something weird. Valid or no, it’s caused fans to believe someone else is deserving of the best actress award.

Then there’s also…

For Jim too

To say Jim Parsons is liked is an understatement. Love him or no, he is by far the most popular actor on The Big Bang Theory. As such, it’s natural he’s getting another nomination for People’s Choice 2017.

The majority of fans believe he’s entirely deserving of the award. Not only is Parsons great as Sheldon Cooper, he partakes in many other acting positions. From theater to film, Jim has an extensive background. Additionally, his creative pursuits are also worth honoring. Jim is set to help write, produce, and act in a possible 4 other shows in the near future.

As far as criticisms go, some don’t think Jim should be awarded for his role as Sheldon. Loved as the character is, critics can find Sheldon spoiled, irritating, and pushy.


There’s still a long way to go before the awards. Official announcements are made in January of the new year, so we won’t find out until 2017. For the above reasons, do you agree or disagree with the actors being nominated? Until then, you can cast your vote online by visiting the People’s Choice website.

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