Fear the Walking Dead F-Bomb

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMCFear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the twelfth of Fear the Walking Dead, the writers dropped the F-bomb. “Brothers Keeper” showcased Nick dropping the curse word while fans mourned the loss of poor Jake.

SyFy writes, “When Jake and Nick head out to investigate what Troy warned them about, they see it off in the distance: a horde. This is the largest assembly of walkers we’ve ever seen in this universe.”

Nick simply says “F**k.”

Cursing After FCC Goes To Bed

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMCFear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Fans who watched Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead on Netflix will think cursing is part of the show. The writers slip in deleted scenes that make the cut off-air. However, Fear the Walking Dead just did this on television.

Thanks to their TV-MA rating and the after-hours time slot, the FCC doesn’t have much reign on the show. It’s still taboo to curse on television, but the show only did it one time ever.

It’s possible they only did this for more press, but it’s working.

Critical-Acclaim For The Zombie Drama

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMCFear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead is finally getting some critical acclaim. Many saw the spinoff as a flash in the pan, but it’s turning out to be different. FTWD focuses on people. TWD focuses on hero-like people.

One other difference on Fear is that the herd of walkers are now being referred to as a horde. This means they’re going to take the ranch. Essentially, there’s no hiding from what’s coming, which makes the show even more enticing.

The horde will take the ranch. The horde will kill off many more characters. The horde will make some characters drop the F-bomb. When Nick envisions what’s coming, it’s all he can think.

It’s possible that it took ten seasons (between two shows) to drop the F-bomb, but this could mean it’ll become common. Then again, to keep weight behind the word, they may still limit the use.

Have you caught up with Fear the Walking Dead this season?

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