The Other Duck Dynasty Grandmother


When you think Duck Dynasty grandmother, Miss Kay Robertson probably comes to mind. However, true Duck Dynasty fans know, there’s another business savvy grandma behind the scenes. Chrys Howard is the mother of Korie Robertson and the brains behind quite a few of the Duck Dynasty books.

Chrys Howard Big Time Publisher

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Korie is not only a cast member of Duck Dynasty. She is a successful businesswoman and the wife of Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson. Korie didn’t just wake up with the business savvy to help Duck Commander grow into a multi-million dollar corporation.

She learned from her mother, who has a successful career of her own. Chrys Howard is currently a publisher at Simon and Schuster, a big time publishing company. Her bio with the company states, “She was a senior editor and creative director for Simon & Schuster. She has edited and co-written more than 100 books and is the author of nine books with more than 1,000,000 copies in print in six languages.

She received a Silver Angel Award from the Hollywood-based Excellence in Media organization, the J. C. Penney Golden Rule Award, and has been named among the Who’s Who of American Teachers.” If you’ve ever wondered how the Robertson family became successful, eloquent writers overnight– here is your answer.

Duck Dynasty Grandmother Collaboration

Their children are married, and they co-wrote an award-winning book together. Miss Kay and Chrys collaborated on Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen, and Duck Commander Kitchen Presents Celebrating Friends and Family.

Both books are filled with treats from Miss Kay’s kitchen. Miss Kay contributed the ideas and recipes. Chrys contributed the writing and editing skills. Both women love their families fiercely and take part in the Robertson tradition of family business.

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